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Healthy Habits Technology

  • We ARE a team of health professionals, parents, teachers and data analysts driven by the values of innovation, inclusivity and collaboration.
  • Our Product: an innovative one-stop holistic health & wellbeing platform for schools, families, community groups, companies and sporting clubs.
  • Our Goal: providing connectivity between users & encouraging healthier lifestyles, unifying stakeholders for greater impact and accountability.
  • Our Mission: through the collection of population level data, we aim to help address health inequalities at point of need.
  • We want to empower everyone to achieve their best possible state of health and wellbeing!

Our Story

The growing concerns of childhood obesity and health related inequalities in conjunction with the absence of a sustainable and measureable one-stop holistic health platform in our schools prompted adults, parents, health professionals and data analysts to commit to improving the health and lives of all pupils. After getting together in 2021, we then established “Healthy Habits Technology”, a value-based community and social interest company that is based in Northern Ireland.

Having developed a fully functional pupil life and learning application we began pushing the parameters of our engagement and analytics capability. Our service would complement the increasing delivery of social prescribing services, BUT we believe that we should be targeting children via schools rather than elderly patients via GP and community services. Our service will provide connectivity between users and encourage healthier lifestyles, unifying stakeholders for greater impact and accountability.

The uniqueness of Healthy Habits Technology is the provision of a one-stop holistic health and wellbeing platform for schools, families, community groups and sporting clubs who are currently carrying out lots of activities, but none can capture or report on this to demonstrate impact.

We have received funding from Innovate UK and the Community Renewal Fund which aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK as part of the Southern Region Data Innovation Hub which is managed by Armagh Banbridge Craigavon District Council in partnership with Newry & Mourne District Council, HSC Innovation, Southern Regional College (SRC), The Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC) and the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.

We are also working in partnership with Amazon (AWS), Garmin, Ulster University, Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) and Healthcare Analytics.

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Meet The Team


Our Management Team

Liam McCorry

Founder & Chairman

6 years experience of building a £1m turnover kids coaching organisation (healthykidz)

Kevin Creery

Founder and COO

6 years experience of building a £1m turnover kids coaching organisation (healthykidz)

Brendan Crossey


Founder & Manager of 4 Med-tech companies with focus on data analytics and wearable technology

Our Operational Team

Jim Fox

Support Manager

20 years industry support experience with IBM, Electronic Data Systems and Sequent Computers

Kerstin Bernreuther

Digital Marketing Intern

3rd year bachelor student for International Management with focus on Digital Business

Our Development Team

Aidan Brankin

Software Engineer

Graduating student with a foundation degree in Computer Science

Mark Saunders

Software Engineer

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Science

Brendan McConaghy


Chartered Physiotherapist and Director within PHA, Specialist on OBA, 19 years experience in the NHS and local & national sports teams

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