What Is Healthy Habits Technology?

Healthy Habits is a digital data-driven service capturing, analysing and incentivising healthy habits to improve the Health and Wellbeing of our communities.

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  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism and burn out
  • Improve employee attraction and retention
  • Investment in health and wellbeing of the local community
  • Improve the quality of your current health & wellbeing programmes
  • Increase physical activity
  • Promote health equity
  • Contribute to social responsibility
  • Empower your family to achieve your best health outcomes
  • Increase physical activity
  • Promote health equity
  • Contribute to social responsibility
  • Empower your pupils to achieve your best health outcomes
  • Prevent stigmatisation of children
  • Allow schools and PE coordinator overview of good practice in your school
  • Improve your quality of educational provision
Sports Clubs
  • Track long-term player development
  • Build better coaching sessions
  • Increase physical activity through utilisation of wearables
  • Improve the quality of your existing programmes

Our Mission 

Together with schools, sports clubs, workforces and communities we aspire to:

  • Create healthy and active physical active communities in which healthy minds and healthy bodies complement each other.
  • Enable our communities to grow in confidence and self-belief.
  • Empower the less sports enthusiastic to live a balanced and healthy life.
  • Reveal health related inequalities and deliver high quality information to better inform decision makers.
  • Inspire, incentivise, and enable everybody to adopt healthy habits in their day-to day life.

Who Do We Integrate With?

How It Works

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